LORD KRISHNA-Journey To Earth

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This application is all about Lord Krishna. The Hindu God Lord Krishna is the eight avatar of Vishnu. He is the speaker of the Bhagavad-gita, which is recognized throughout the world as one of mankind's greatest books of wisdom. His life as told in stories shows how human some of his behavior was; his mischievous activities as an infant and "Lilas" and playing flute with the Gopis (cowherd girls) as a youth.
This application is an effort to provide as much as information about His journey to Earth and dedicated to Him. It includes:
* 108 names of LORD.
* Maha Mantra of Krishna
* Divine Baansuri (Flute) Music
* Lord Krishna's birth, childhood, youth and final days on earth
* Places (Gokul, Vrindavan, Mathura, Raval, Barsana, Dwarka and Puri) and temples
* Stories about secret Nidhivan (Place), Narkasur (Demon), Jarasandha (Demon), Baansuri (Flute), Radha (Beloved), Meera (Devotee), Rukimini (Wife), Satyabhama (Wife), Sudama (Friend), Janmashtami (Birthday), Bhagavat Geeta (Holy Book), Tulsi (Sacred Plant) and lots more.


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LORD KRISHNA-Journey to Earth v1.0

Version : 1.0
Requires : android 2.2.x and up
File size : 4.9MB