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Kids With Numbers is a fun Math educational application for kids with age-groups of 6-7, 7-8.
For each age-group you can select a level like 'Easy' Or 'Difficult' and the app provides questions as such.With this app a kid can:
- Identify and Learn numbers with ease.
- Solve simple arithmetic problems on Additions, Subtractions and Counts.Feature list:
1. Number voice-overs from 1 to 20.
2. Two digits additions with combinations ranging from 1 to 10.
3. Two digits subtractions with combinations ranging from 1 to 10.
4. Counting number of fruits ranging from 1 to 20.
5. Find a missing number in a sequence.
6. Paint numbers with different colors for fun.★ Interactive English voice-overs are given for assistance. I plan to bring in more voice-overs for multiple languages with your support.
★ On application launch you will be asked to select 'Age-Group' and 'Level'. Choose wisely and app gives you questions accordingly for each feature.
★ Await for more features, games and fun.
★ Just leave a comment for any feature requests.Disclaimer:
Application does not certify a kid for his/her math skills, its a fun way of learning numbers and solve simple arithmetic problems.Also please don't be shy to like/share or write a review, thanks.


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Kids With Numbers - have fun v1.5

Version : 1.5
Requires : android 2.2.x and up
File size : 14.4MB