Memes Wars Multiplayer Sandbox

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3.4 ( 426 ratings )


Battle against many foes on dissimilar representations registering the current ammunitions and battling machine. In this non-stative Android game you can battle together with buddies or act in solo fights. Move across the area looking for a foe, using coverings. Shoot from an ambush firearm or other ammunitions. drive a tank, an automobile, drive a bike or other categories of machine. make and wreck dissimilar buildings. contest players from all over the world and win.


  1. 3 game modes
  2. 30 kinds of cars
  3. Combat against other players
  4. Intriguing representations
  5. Thrilling gameplay
  6. The game requires an internet connection
Memes wars multiplayer sandbox v1.4.91

Version : 1.4.91
Requires : android 2.3 and up
File size : 71.3MB