Retro City Rampage DX

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Take an unbeatable conqueror along the roadways of a huge villain city. act in fire exchange and other escapades. In this non-stative Android game you can journey on foot or in dissimilar automobiles. take vehicles, bikes and even tanks. noise vehicles on the street and flee from detective pursue. finish dissimilar escapades. combat against untrustworthy oppositions in the steerts and inside dissimilar constructions. Pick up helpful power-ups, brand-new armaments and other objects. compete skirt games.


  1. Retrospective style graphics
  2. Over 60 mind-blowing ventures
  3. More than 40 competes
  4. More than 25 categories of ammunitions
  5. Distinct automobiles
Retro city rampage DX v1.0

Version : 1.0
Requires : android 4.0 and up
File size : 14.1MB