Smashy Road: Arena

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3.1 ( 390 ratings )


Ride a special vehicle, flee from police officer, FBI, troop and other followers. wreck your competitors. In this thrilling Android game you will act in non-stative motions on randomly made levels. You can flee from followers as well as combat against them enlisting wonderful ammunitions of your vehicle. squash foes and get an award. purchase brand-new automobiles and ammunitions, enhance your cars and colourant them to non-identical colours. combat against other players.


  1. Block graphics
  2. 2 game modes
  3. 8 exclusive worlds
  4. 30 cars
  5. 10 kinds of ammunitions
  6. High attain
Smashy road: Arena v1.0.6

Version : 1.0.6
Requires : android 3.0.x and up
File size : 84.9MB