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Get through the hordes of nemeses. demolish rivals, bulwarks and different impediments with the aid of mighty ammunitions. Get prepared for infinite fights waiting for you on randomly produced levels of this Android game. Move along moved systems, mirror the ambushes of nemeses pursuing you, use autoloading artilleries, lasers, fire workers and other ammunitions. evade nemesis fire, total eluding operations, leather bulwarks to skedaddle from the departed extremity. Unlock new characters.


  1. Shinny neon graphics
  2. Many enhances
  3. 5 sound tracks
  4. Easy-to-use system of controls
  5. Non-stative gameplay
Virexian v1.2.0

Version : 1.2.0
Requires : android 2.3 and up
File size : 16.6MB