John: Truck Car Transport

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Get into a differentiated truck and carry sports vehicles. consign your extortionate merchandise to the end point. In this Android game you are going to play as a truck motorist whose name is John. Your work is to consign sports vehicles to the cases. This won't be that simple as it might seem at first sight. You are going to take an automobile full of extortionate vehicles along moved mountain anchorages. Don't lose your merchandise steering along abrupt hills and at unpredicted turns. Don't get into an accident.


  1. Huge world
  2. 5 sports vehicles to consign
  3. Pragmatic physics
  4. Disparate camera modes


Simulation Games,
John: Truck car transport v1.0

Version : 1.0
Requires : android 4.0.3 and up
File size : 39.8MB