Space Mission: Hidden Threat

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Fly a space battle vessel and battle against innumerable foes in the attributes of the Solar System. movement to the time and take part in the warfare for the control over the Solar System in this Android game. Get into the aviator's compartment of a battle vessel and absolute different battle missions. save travelers, escort shackles of vending vessels, battle against thiefs and other foes. improve armaments, shields, motor and other abilities of your spacevessel. overpower tough bosses.


  1. 21 mind-blowing missions
  2. Superb vessels
  3. Countless enhances
  4. Distant planets
  5. Non-stative combats


Arcade Games,
Space mission: Hidden threat v1.1

Version : 1.1
Requires : android 4.0 and up
File size : 67.6MB