Mine Survival

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Attempt to outlast in the world of walking undeads. Find a handy place, make a camp, get required assets, protect from beasts. The concept of this Android game is to outlast as long as you can. To do this you will require a fail-safe structure. search the realm, get wood and other substances. Pre-Raphaelite feral critters to get substance and assets. undeads will ambush you at dark-hours. construct hard bulwarks around your structure, make cunning devices, set autoloading cannons.


  1. Humorous attitudes
  2. Object fashioning and building
  3. Risky attackers
  4. Dreadful undeads


Arcade Games,
Mine survival v1.1.2

Version : 1.1.2
Requires : android 4.2 and up
File size : 59.8MB