School Girls Simulator

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Aid a charming schoolgirl manage with many difficulties and distinct perils such as dreadful living-deads for instance. This Android game will take you to a huge school. You will control one of schoolgirls. appoint befitting clothing from lots of deviations for your persona. Take the lass over the school realm. Talk with acquaintances and educators. Be prepared to shoot at living-deads walking on the terrotory of school. Besides, you can assault enrollees but you will have to run away from a teacher.


  1. Charming schoolgirl
  2. Dissimilar clothing
  3. Broad extent of armaments
  4. Captivating work
  5. Hazardous nemeses


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School girls simulator v1.0

Version : 1.0
Requires : android 3.0.x and up
File size : 79.1MB