Boom Road: 3d Drive And Shoot

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Drive your automobile along eternal freeway full of automobiles. stroke up automobiles and helicopters, don't let them catch you. Feel what it's like to be an uncontrolled in this Android game. force chases you and you will require to hurry forward at insane speed to run away from servicemen. Luckily, your automobile is equipped with a strong rocket armaments. rockets allow you to clear your way and shoot down force helicopters. outstrip automobiles on the line to get more bonuses which will aid you set a record.


  1. Several game themes
  2. Over 30 automobiles
  3. Uncomplicated system of controls
  4. Board of leaders and actions
  5. Helpful improves


Arcade Games,
Boom road: 3d drive and shoot v1.02

Version : 1.02
Requires : android 4.0.3 and up
File size : 47.5MB