War Of Colony

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Begin your own colony, construct a well fortified establish, get assets required for improvement, train your armed-forces, battle against foes. Go back to the time of colonial warfares in this Android game. appoint your side in the combats of colonial kingdoms. Hire fantastic generals who can accompany your armed-forces to success. Develop your establish, construct fortifications, barracks, workplaces and other required buildings. Increase substance act and get more assets to provide your armed-forces with. Take infantry, armament and cavalry into the combats


  1. 4 nations
  2. Many buildings
  3. Several game modes
  4. Distinct fight units
  5. The game requires an internet connection
War of colony v1.0.3

Version : 1.0.3
Requires : android 4.0 and up
File size : 48MB