Dice Hunter: Quest Of The Dicemancer

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Use supernaturalism dice with distinct beasts to combat against Acheronian energies. believe your fluck and tactical capabilities in this Android game. accumulate an exclusive set of dice which will let you summon fabled heroes and mighty beasts to the combat tract. Throw dice and enlist capabilities of the personas in the fights against devastators, thiefs and delinquents. improve and energy up your dice to increase opportunities for properity in the fights against masters and other enemies.


  1. Good graphics
  2. Different personas
  3. Turn-established fights
  4. Distinctive improves
  5. Quotidian competitions


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Dice hunter: Quest of the dicemancer v2.0.1

Version : 2.0.1
Requires : android 4.0.3 and up
File size : 61MB