Hobo Defense

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3.6 ( 356 ratings )


Aid a space hobo mirror the assaults of eternal troops of atrocious robots and extrinsic beasts. Use a workman to wreck nemeses. Get prepared for eternal fights waiting for you in this Android game. The important conqueror uses an airplane pack to fly in space. insane robots ambush the conqueror from all the regions. Luckily, the space hobo always has a workman. Direct the workman signal at the nemeses coming the conqueror. Don't let robots get to the conqueror, fly the nemeses. Set a new record.


  1. Luminous and colourful graphics
  2. Amusing attitudes
  3. Superb song
  4. Easy-to-use system of controls
  5. High attain
Hobo defense v1.3

Version : 1.3
Requires : android 4.1 and up
File size : 39.6MB