PSYkick Battle

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PSYkick battle is a down-to-earth imitator of soccer penalties. One of benefits of the game is a possibility of online game. Now you can challenge with each other. One more strong component is down-to-earth 3D graphics. In this game perhaps there s the most down-to-earth graphics among other akin work. 3D graphics is addon with perfect motion graphics. Players will be able to take feeling in down-to-earth areas. You will have a possibility to upgrade each player on the formation of improvement been by you. And also you will have a possibility to happening a formation-up, changing it for each game separately. perfect physics addons the game. So, in many messages your success depends on your skills.

PSYkick Battle v1.0.0

Version : 1.0.0
Requires : android 2.3 and up
File size : 47.1MB