Hotel Mogul

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Hotel Mogul is a perfect economic imitator opening some unknowns of building enterprises to us. In this app strategy and economic imitator are very successfully had . The message formation in the game is made in the form of performers. All begins with separation and dividing of family enterprises. The first levels have teaching feeling, after which actually the game activities begins. Initially in the game you will have a definite asset of cash, for which it is accomplishable to get the substances essential for building. It should be stated that there re some kinds of constructions: constructions of office decision, buildings and public organizations. In whole in the game there re 35 different levels and 5 venues. It is essential to start with atomic, but already through some levels your institution will grow in an enormous building firm. Employ people, purchase substances, extend zones of power and influence out contestants. It is essential to activity quickly, but intelligently, after all opponents don't sleeping! At each stage you have to come a definite financial performance, which will give you further development.

Hotel Mogul v1.0

Version : 1.0
Requires : till 320x480. and up
File size : 7.4MB

Hotel Mogul v1.0

Version : 1.0
Requires : android 1.6 and up
File size : 16.2MB