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Elemental undoubtedly will be beautiful to those devices of puzzle, who were devolved of a modular personification of these Japanese puzzle problems. In this game you will need to direct not with illustrations, as in classical puzzle, but 4 components: fire, water, air and earth. Besides in the game there are also creations. Here it is accomplishable to concoction for instance air and fire to get a lightning, and from the earth and water the excavation will turn out. On the game tract you can see what components should be accumulated for stage travelling . There are also helps, but for their use scores are removed. The laziest can use a unique recite, which will move the essential component in the tract, natural not for free of attack, but for scores. With each stage it becomes more and more arduous to accumulate different components. If at the beginning you need to accumulate objects only from two components, further naturally there are work where it is essential to accumulate components from 3, and even from 4 components. The game seems quite uncomplicated, but it is essential to think nevertheless. As a whole it is an awesome route to kill time with merit for your brains.


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Elemental v1.3.1

Version : 1.3.1
Requires : android 2.1 and up
File size : 18.2MB