Mystery Trackers: Paxton Creek Avenger. Collector's Edition

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Follow the tracks of a bizarre avenger who kidnapped a youthful lass and menaces calm nationals. chartless risk menaces the mystery hunters command in this Android game. The avenger kidnapped the female-child of the command captain and horrifies the building guests. The criminal conceals his face behind a covering and blames your command in all his difficulties. disclose the confidential of the avenger's organism and clear out the reasons that made him commit a misdeed. inspect areas looking for proof and indications. Use an invisible camera for tracking.


  1. Mind-blowing scheme
  2. Pretty areas
  3. Concealed object areas
  4. Captivating problems and skirt games


Adventure Games,
Mystery trackers: Paxton Creek Avenger. Collector's edition v1.0.0

Version : 1.0.0
Requires : android 4.4 and up
File size : 59.9MB