Flora And The Darkness

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3.3 ( 343 ratings )


Aid a lass overpower darkness. Take a little character over the great levels full of unbelievable critters and hazardous devices. Flora, the important character of this Android game, is the only outlived after the darkness has come. Now she must steer the darkness out and return the light to her planet. specific crops and special capabilities will aid the lass total this mission. Take Flora over unbelievable areas. aid her gather the parts of light. Do not let seductive darkness catch the lass. Activate the strange gates able to overpower darkness.


  1. 21 absorbing levels
  2. Awesome graphics
  3. Atmospheric sound
  4. Uncomplicated system of controls


Arcade Games,
Flora and the darkness v1.3.05.0

Version :
Requires : android 4.3 and up
File size : 37.9MB