Gladiator Rising: Roguelike RPG

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Take a mighty gladiator on the realm soil. overpower different competitors and develop your conqueror. In this Android game you can make an exclusive attitude and appoint his impression to your desiring . Control the conqueror you made in countless realm combats, where mighty combatants and mighty leaders will be your competitors. You will get an award after each properity. appoint ammunitions, armor and other costume for your gladiator. leader new abilities and even supernaturalism to raise your opportunities to get properity.


  1. Retrospective style graphics
  2. 3 absorbing sections
  3. Distinctive combatants
  4. Extensive extent of uniform
  5. Turn-established fights


RPG Games,
Gladiator rising: Roguelike RPG v1.061

Version : 1.061
Requires : android 4.0 and up
File size : 33.6MB