Sword And Magic

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Search non-end lands looking for quests, mighty rivals and firm buddies. overpower beasts and develop your conqueror. Take part in the warfare between gods and devils in this Android game. Become the conqueror who will change the world's fate and end energies of atrocious. battle against beasts waiting at each stride. register distinctive capabilities of the attitude and rely on your armaments. Team up with buddies to make a sept and conveyed via conversation in command to overpower mighty leaders together. docile fight animals and collect collections of armor.


  1. Huge ajar world
  2. 4 collections of attitudes
  3. Powerful masters
  4. Hazardous strongholds
  5. Combat against other players


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Sword and magic v1.0.0

Version : 1.0.0
Requires : android 4.0 and up
File size : 29MB