Piggy Pile

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3.5 ( 436 ratings )


Control a humorous swine running along the hazardous line. Pick up new personas on the way. They will jump one onto another. begin a ludicrous travel over imagination worlds of this Android game. Move the running warrior from one side to another to make him evade holes, evade hazards, pick up coinages, bonuses and new buddies. The large spacing you can cover the more swines or other heroes can jump one onto another. So you will control an actual running structure! accumulate an inventory of heroes.


  1. 20 amazing worlds
  2. 10 special attitudes
  3. Shinny and multicoloured graphics
  4. Joyous sound
  5. Uncomplicated system of controls


Arcade Games,
Piggy pile v1.3

Version : 1.3
Requires : android 4.1 and up
File size : 42.6MB