Hipster Zombies

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2.7 ( 322 ratings )


Conceal behind the barrier made of aged containers and shoot back at an enormous horde of hipster zombies, who came to take your brains. In this joyous Android game zombies wear vintage clothing and glasses, which did not make them more friendly though. Zombies want to ambush your people and pals. Only you can end the ambush! You have all required for this - fortress of containers and armament, which shoot any rubbish. Move the warrior from one side to another, shoot non end and demolish zombies.


  1. Troops of reformer undeads
  2. Abnormal armaments and bonuses
  3. Uncomplicated system of controls
  4. Thrilling gameplay
Hipster zombies v1.2.6

Version : 1.2.6
Requires : android 2.3 and up
File size : 16.7MB