Super League Of Heroes: Comic Book Champions

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Take a superhero through many combats against thiefs and super lawbreakers. accompany back command to the town! choose among many heroes in this Android game. Each attitude has distinctive superabilities. enlist the capabilities of your warrior and leather distinct foes, from road thiefs to insane boffins or alliens approaching from space. prevail the combats and develop your warrior, leader new abilities. purchase supernaturalism wholes, technical enhances and other things for the superheroes.


  1. Many superheroes
  2. Amazing improves and bonuses
  3. Troops of atrocious nemeses
  4. Easy-to-use system of controls


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Super league of heroes: Comic book champions v1.0.3

Version : 1.0.3
Requires : android 4.1 and up
File size : 39.7MB