Spin A Zoo

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Construct an amazing zoo and fill its enormous enclosures with critters from dissimilar areas of the world. Press the button to make the train dispatch new critters! It is enough to press a button in this Android game to make the train move. Take your finger off of the button and the train will end. There are dissimilar critters or other awards in the train cars. Anyhow, you will not remain without an award. attempt your fluck and experiment your reactions, accumulate the champion inventory of critters in the world. Unlock new areas where you will find new critters and enhances for the zoo.


  1. Luminous and varicoloured graphics
  2. Many charming beasts
  3. Pretty areas
  4. Good rewards


Arcade Games,
Spin a zoo v1.2_110

Version : 1.2_110
Requires : android 4.3 and up
File size : 50.8MB