Dead Paradise

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Ride over position catastrophy America in your strong automobile. Shoot back at devastators and other nemeses with the aid of strong armaments. This Android game will take you to the world where the human advancement was demolished by an intercontinental catastrophe. The remains of humanity strive to outlast in the town demolishes and associations of devastators do not make this work any easier. Get into a strong offroader or even a tank. hurry forward over abandoned tracks. Stay away from object excavations and autoloading towers. Shoot from a machinegun, an artillery or other armaments. Unlock new areas and heroes.


  1. 3 effort levels
  2. 5 disparate vehicles
  3. Over 70 levels
  4. 4 powerful masters
  5. Over 15 kinds of competitors
Dead paradise vnull

Version : null
Requires : android 4.2 and up
File size : 173MB