Lapse: A Forgotten Future

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2.7 ( 684 ratings )


Become a nation master in not so distant future. Take nation stage choices and see where they will take you. This mind-blowing Android game will take you to the year of 2075. You will be the state master. Now it's up to you whether your nation will outlast in a dark position catastrophy world. Take choices in rigid states, but remember that each choice has effects. Listen to the counsel of boffins, spies and officials. Don't miss a scheme, which can govern to the overthrow of power.


  1. Minimalistic graphics
  2. Many attitudes
  3. Position choices
  4. Several deviations of ending


Strategy Games,
Lapse: A forgotten future v1.4.2-beta

Version : 1.4.2-beta
Requires : android 4.4 and up
File size : 17.4MB