Doomsday Craft

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Get into an automobile, stride on the gas, hurry forward at ludicrous speed and strive to getaway from catastrophy. strive to hold on the tracks of this Android game as long as viable. thermonuclear battlefield is here and all you can do is getaway from the fly movement. Get onto a bike, into an automobile or use other cars. steer an automobile during the mad race. dodge noises against impediments, don't season into the stream. gather mineral, required to improve machinery.


  1. Many cars
  2. Uncomplicated system of controls
  3. Non-stative song
  4. Records and enhances
  5. Mind-blowing gameplay


Arcade Games,
Doomsday craft v2.13

Version : 2.13
Requires : android 4.1 and up
File size : 54MB