Virtual Villagers Origins 2

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Supervise a small-town, moved on a pretty equatorial islet. aid local villagers make a human advancement. search a strange islet in this Android game. Find primitive ruines, concealing wealths. Get disparate assets, which you will require to develop the small-town. Follow the serenity stage of local villagers and take work of person increase. Train disparate villagers, tutor them disparate occupations and abilities, which will be helpful for improvement of your small-town. expose all confidentials of the islnad.


  1. Intriguing work
  2. Weird isle
  3. Endearing personas
  4. Building and supernaturalism
  5. Inventory of wholes


Strategy Games,
Virtual villagers origins 2 v1.0.1

Version : 1.0.1
Requires : android 4.2 and up
File size : 61.3MB