Jumper Furious

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2.7 ( 573 ratings )


Control jumps of a blockish attitude, who wants to get high leaping from one platform to another. The concept of this joyous Android game is to get limit high together with the warrior. Tap left or right side of the screen to direct the warrior to the required side. Tap the screen in time to make the attitude jump from the platforms. Each fortunate jump will increase attitude's power. When there is enough power, the warrior can perform a dash.


  1. Minimalistic graphics
  2. Uncomplicated system of controls
  3. Non-stative song
  4. Different energy-ups and bonuses
  5. High attain


Arcade Games,
Jumper furious v1.1.3

Version : 1.1.3
Requires : android 2.3 and up
File size : 43MB