The Girls: Zombie Killer

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2.6 ( 483 ratings )


Take a pretty lass over different levels full of crowds of undeads. register exclusive armaments and capabilities of the character. Zombie catastrophy grabbed the world of this Android game and only pretty girls can battle against atrocious. collect a team of girls each having exclusive impression, capabilities and battle style. Control the acts of the character during the combats against crowds of undeads and against tough zombie leaders. register combo and wreck nemeses. Unlock new characters and develop them.


  1. Charming attitudes
  2. Murderous undeads
  3. High grade graphics and sound
  4. Non-stative gameplay


Action Games,
The girls: Zombie killer v2.0.02

Version : 2.0.02
Requires : android 4.0 and up
File size : 22.3MB