Lord Of Magic

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Lord of Magic will move you to a fairy-tale world, in which two empires were assualt by bad forces after a long period of calm being. But these forces did not oversee to overpower those empires, as an actual Son, an immature boss of magic, were there. Your work is to assist the immature, but very mighty sorcerers rescue the empires, that is to safeguard all the structures and push the foe ambushes. The magic latent of the warrior is quite serious; you can use the 23 mighty spells, and 9 dissimilar abilities. Your warrior is able to act with the qualities of bad on his own, but you have to collect his magic qualities and knowledge for the last combat with bad. The energy is minor, so save it when impressive the foes. knocked them accurately and quickly with your magic projectiles. Kill foes and fill the capital of sap accountable for energy. There are other errands in the game except for the important work of safeguarding structures. They are havoc of entrances or had errands. The game has a better control system knew with motions. Besides, you will see awesome graphics and exclusive effects, different well-drawn versions of characters and pretty venues of the imagination world. And the most pretty situation in the game is the phenomenon of enlisting magic.


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Lord of Magic vrelease 1.4

Version : release 1.4
Requires : android 2.1 and up
File size : 17.6MB