Dawn Hero

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Dawn Hero is the preserver use to abiding challenge between better and bad. You compete as a knight and you will have to safeguard your empire from bad alcohols assualt it after the hour. Several categories of conquerors, supernaturalism armament and the hero himself with serious qualities can argue the foe. The game has a standard gameplay: there are two mansions on the competing tract, yours and the foe one. You will control the hero and units, moving them to ruin foe dominance. Units will ruin every foe met. The fight will act until you ruin every bad spirit. Except for the hero and units you can use supernaturalism combos. Energy and gold will plummet from a killed foe from prong to time. You need energy to use supernaturalism and you can disburse coinages on enhancing the defense of your fortress and enhancing of your units and hero. There is also an additional currency in the form of glasses, which are strenuous to be gathered . But it is quite actual to pass the game without donation.


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Dawn Hero v1.0.4

Version : 1.0.4
Requires : android 2.2 and up
File size : 13.9MB