Turn Undead: Monster Hunter

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2.4 ( 350 ratings )


Take a brave conqueror over aged sites, Acheronian palaces, risky strongholds and other venues occupied by beasts. dare the Acheronian energies in this thrilling Android game. Think over each move of yours, unravel thinking work, don't let the conqueror get into a device or be caught by beasts. Use woody stakes and other objects to combat against vampires, werewolves, living-deads and other beasts. register bonuses you find on the levels in command to combat against powerful foes. Unlock new venues.


  1. Retrospective style graphics
  2. Moved levels
  3. Uncomplicated system of controls
  4. Turn-established gameplay


Arcade Games,
Turn undead: Monster hunter v0.1

Version : 0.1
Requires : android 6.0 and up
File size : 34.5MB