Guns And Wheels Zombie

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Ride a strong vehicle over a dark world full of crowds of empty living-deads. demolish beasts you meet on the way with the aid of catastrophic ammunitions. attempt to outlast in the world of this Android game, which experienced from zombie catastrophy. wilful departed pervaded the anchorages and the town demolishes. But they can't end you if your vehicle is swift enough and well armor-clad! stride on the gas and speed up to limit. scope any impediments from your way. demolish living-deads with the aid of a bomb armament, machinegun, rocket armament or other ammunitions.


  1. 3 special worlds
  2. Broad extent of ammunitions
  3. Dissimilar enhances
  4. Easy system of controls
Guns and wheels zombie v1.1

Version : 1.1
Requires : android 4.0 and up
File size : 54MB